Be Bolder

For the most part, the majority of my life has been based around just passing through. Passing through schools, countries, social groups, you name it and I’ve, almost 85% of the time, taken the ‘just passing through’ approach.

So far, it’s worked out rather decently in my life. Here’s the thing though, I don’t want to pass through this part of my life, like I have the last five years; hence, the decision to be bolder.


A lot of my comfort lies in not drawing attention to myself and not going out of my way to be heard (unless it’s something I firmly believe in, like pineapple does go on pizza.)


So, here I am, almost 21 years old and I don’t want to just be the passerby of the ‘best years’ of my life.

So no more complacency.

For me, a big step was using such a bright colour to bounce off of, but let’s be real, it does look  beautiful and vibrant. I kept it clean with this really loose, almost boho, white dress , that I got as a gift a good few years ago. I’m not 100% a dress fan – I love pants – but this dress is easy and not so intimidating.


I paired it with these really cute and simple black heels for some sophistication. A part of this be bolder thing is committing to wearing heels more casually and not as much on occasions only.

For a bit of fun I added this hat from Refinery, that I am obsessed with, and this little black, lacy, choker I stole from my mom’s jewellry box (yes, my mom is that cool.)


It’s time to explore, make mistakes, look foolish, try new things and DRAW ATTENTION TO MYSELF. I mean, after all, I’m the only me there is – that, in its self, is worth being bold for!

So why not start with a yellow wall and some black heels.

Comment below and let me know how you’re choosing to be bolder in what you’re wearing – colours or style!

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Was a laugh battling the PE wind with my brother, Jordan. Thanks for being a photographer for a day!

My Feel Good Outfit:

  • Hat – Refinery
  • Dress – Gifted to me
  • Heels – Fashion Express
  • Choker – Chinese shop surprise find



3 Ways: Ruined in Red

There are not many things that I adore when it comes to being bold. However this insanely beautiful red scarf, courtesy of my stunning friend Tayla, has caused me to wonder from home. It captured me and didn’t let me go, most of the morning. To be frank, I can be a very lazy person at times. My family might argue most of the time, at times when I’m not rushed with work. However, last Friday was a very fun, easy and extremely productive day for me. Between the sunrise photoshoot, breakfast date with my better half, editing  and my night shift it was a very good day.

I know there has been a large gap between my posts recently but I assure you I am back! In carrying on with my 3 looks I decided to go with this very random and completely last minute vibe. As we all know, my wardrobe basics are very simple. I kept with the black jeans and the combat boots while adding this adorable patterned poncho. This was to, essentially, be my ‘look’.


However, the whole spontaneity of this day completely engulfed me and I moved out of my comfort zone. I present to you the beauty that is the colour red. Maybe it was the gorgeous day with the insanely demanding Port Elizabeth wind or maybe it was because I was out the door before sunrise on a Friday, whatever it was though, I was so drawn by the allure of this deep, almost storytelling, scarf I couldn’t leave it out.


I  think overall my favourite part of this whole post has to be the day behind it. The random, the exploring and the daring that happened as we went along. It was all about the moment and all about the drama.


Play around with the bold accessories. Pump some colour on an already set outfit spontaneously. I’ve learned that the slightly miss-matched and the not entirely aligned make for good memories and lovely confidence.


– – – –

This was honestly such a fun day. Thank you so much to my stunning friend Tayla Gunn (@tay_gunn) for the awesome images, adventuring and the gorgeous scarf – obviously; edits are my own.

The first of very many shoots together!

My Feel Good Outfit:

  • Jeans – Mr Price
  • Poncho – courtesy of my sister
  • Combat boots – Truworths
  • Scarf – Tayla’s bag of gorgeous accessories

3 Ways : Shadowed Shyness (2/3)

We all knew that I would be wrapped up in a black coat sooner rather than later. There was no denying that a black ensemble would creep it’s way into my 3 looks.


I am generally a bit of a shy person (before I am comfortable enough to be who most of my friends know me to be). I have found so much solace in the shadows of my shyness, especially through representing it through dramatic black wear.


Dark is LIFE. Black is BAE.  Monotone is MASTERY.

Okay, that escalated a little quickly. It wasn’t me it was the coat talking. It is so empowering to be surrounded by velvety, darkness. You get the idea though.




This outfit went from a playful allure to a deep mystery with the change up of a denim jacket to a sleek, black coat. It’s all about playing around with the dimensions of the outfit.

A good dimensional change is going to shift the feels in its entirety.





Be comfortable in your shyness and embrace your shadows. It will elevate your confidence and deepen your allure.

– – – –

Angel Mali (@angel_mali / @everythingpe) you have slayed yet again with a fun as ever shoot; edits my own.

My Feel Good Outfit:

All clothes featured are apart of my family closet.

  • Shoes: Truworths
  • Coat: Queenspark Woman


3 Ways: Denim Desires (1/3)

It is no secret that I have an obsession with over sized denim jackets. That’s all thanks to my amazing father and his fantastic taste in 80’s denim.


There’s nothing quite like the comfort of drowning in a chunky jacket. It feels like home.


I suppose you’re wondering what the other two ways are by now, if you haven’t then you haven’t been paying much attention thus far, but that’s alright I shall further enlighten you. I have decided to do a three part post on how the change up of one simple item can change the entire outfit.


The foundation throughout the three part post is a simple, standard, black on black on black (no surprises there). The only difference being the jacket.


Three transformative looks are on the way!


But like I have said, denim is my first love and there is no place I feel happier outside of my neutrals than being wrapped up in the arms of my denim desires.


– – – –

Fun moments with my favourite person on the planet. Angel (@angel_mali / @everythingpe) I can’t stop smiling after this shoot; edits are my own.

 Thank you, always love!

My Feel Good Outfit:

All clothes featured are a part of my Family Closet.

Shoes – Truworths

Contained: Time to Elevate

We all have a gate.

That thing that holds us back.

That thing we generally find comfort hiding behind or are too scared or weary to break through.

Our gate.

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_6024.jpg

I have plenty of gates in my life: not wanting to draw too much attention to myself, having an awkward shy-not-always-shy personality, my lack of appreciation for personal communication. Some of us have a gate, many more have gates.

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_6000.jpg

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_6008.jpg

Now, before you think this is a crazy, emo post I say to thee halt (who doesn’t like some random Shakespeare now and then?).

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_5963.jpg

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_5968.jpg

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_5978.jpg

I have a very strange attachment to my gates in the sense that, although some of it holds me back, I love that they challenge me to step out and break through them. Elevate into the light, if you will.

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_5998.jpg

Gates. Cages. Containment. I dig you for your not always necessary security but more for the opportunity to break through and elevate to something more.

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_5985.jpg

Love your cage, dig your containment but trust yourself to elevate beyond that.

02July2016 - Built For Breakfast - _MG_6017.jpg

– – – –

I had such a fun time missioning with Abo from @abo_explores. There is nothing like a spontaneous photography adventure with friends. Thanks for the steller images; edits my own.

My Feel Good Outfit:

  • White vest – Mr Price
  • Cardigan – Mr Price (Menswear)
  • Leggings – Family closet
  • Shoes – JayJays
  • Bracelet & Watch – Lovisa

Greyscale + Spiced Raisin

What’s your favourite colour Sam?

A pretty generic question, I know. However, it is one we’ve all been asked a couple of hundred times throughout our lives. It’s just one of those questions people always seem to have an answer for. I mean it’s really easy to like pink or be fond of orange, neither of which I’m too crazy about, but I have always seemed to be a bit more mellowed out when it comes to my colour palette. A little contradictory given that I dabble in a few art mediums – I am by no means Van Gough, yet (a girl can dream).


I am more of a neutrals person myself. I find majority of my comfort in the welcoming tones that are black, white and grey, although, I do tend to get crazy now and then and throw in some colours. Denim, nude and pastels count right?


In my attempt to grab life by the horns and stretch beyond my comfort zone, which is turning out to be a lot less scary than I had originally thought by the way, I am trying to boost my palette selections. Yes, even going beyond the whimsy that is beige.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Uhm Sam, all I am seeing is grey? True, but who said anything about the colour of the clothes changing just yet. Yes, I draw your attention to the lip porn that is spiced raisin –you may now swoon.



Although I have generally strayed from deep, bold colours, just for the fear of not being able to pull it off, I am deeply satisfied with the mystery and allure that is spiced raisin.



Changing up is exciting and spontaneous and I dig that I am going on the slow rise to bold beauty.



There is nothing like new confidence. Find your spiced raisin and own your greyscale!

– – – –

I had such an insane day with Angel Mali (@angel_mali), thanks for the awesome images! Edits are my own.

My Feel Good Outfit:

  • Bottom bordered top – Mr Price
  • Jacket – One of my Dad’s old throw outs
  • Jeggings – Cotton On
  • Shoes – JayJay’s
  • Watch -Lovisa
  • Spiced Raisin lipstick – Yardly Longwear lipstick line

My Great Perhaps

There is something a little overly charming about being a young, independent woman exploring where she wants to go in life. The idea of creating who you want to be is, I feel, a little too overlooked.


I don’t think people have honestly grasped the ideology that you can recreate yourself and step out into who you want to be and say ‘I like her, I’ll keep this going.’ I like that right now I am in a free spirited, semi-directioned, looking for my lust for life phase. I like that I get the opportunity to engage in meeting potential within myself.


I have been asked why I chose to name my site Hollande Rose and the answer is simple- why not? It’s different, unique, unidentifiably pretty and subtly charming, all of which I wish to inspire within myself and the people I engage with.


Right now, I’m simple: I’m a twenty year old bookworm waitress, with an underlying passion for art and an overflowing need to write and engage in media. Right now, I’m exploring and there is just such a culmination of creativity building up inside of me that I am bursting to try and put together.


Get ready for some amazing fun, new experiences and stepping out into a whole new chapter of life; good times are coming and they’re coming fast.  I guess the best way to put it would be I’m off to find my great perhaps.



Special thanks to my special human Angel Mali (@angel_mali) for the awesome images.

My feel good outfit:

  • Hat – Refinary
  • Silver rings – Lovisa
  • Statement Ring, leggings & lacy top – Family Closet
  • Shoes – Truworths